iBest.net, LLC Billing and Collection Policies

For the convenience of our clients, all invoices and statements are delivered via email. Invoices are sent as they are generated. Once each month, statements are emailed to clients who have an outstanding balance. Invoices and statements are sent as PDF files and originate from sales@ibest.net. Please add this address to your email client acceptable address list.

Paper invoices and statements can be sent for a $10 fee per mailing. We would like to discourage traditional paper invoices and statements.

PREFERRED METHOD OF PAYMENT: Our preferred payment method is by Check on file, securely uploaded or faxed check. Once a check is on file, simply let us know by email when you wish to make payment. Include the amount, date and check number to use. We can deposit these exactly like a check and it eliminates mail time and checks lost or misplaced in the mail.

RECURRING AUTOMATIC PAYMENT: Once you have paid by check, you can send us an email with a new check number, date and amount, and we can recreate the draft so you do not have to send future checks to us unless you change banks or want to use a different account. WE WILL NEVER DRAFT YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT YOUR SPECIFIC APPROVAL. We can also setup credit cards and Paypal on recurring payments. The Credit Card and Paypal fees apply to each payment.

CREDIT CARDS AND PAYPAL: While we do accept credit cards, understand credit cards require additional administrative time and drive everyone's costs up. We would like to discourage their use. You can pay by credit card over the phone, calling 910-791-8675, but we will charge a 5% administrative fee to handle such transactions. Paypal payments sent to sales@ibest.net DO NOT incur an administrative fee.

HOSTING FEES: Hosting fees are due in advance. Most clients elect annual hosting because we significantly discount annual payment of hosting. Hosting fees are due by the anniversary date listed on your invoice. Hosting accounts not paid by this date will be interrupted.

DOMAIN FEES: Because of increasing costs, iBest.net no longer absorbs doman registration fees into hosting costs. Exceptions are possible. iBest.net, LLC purchases domains on your behalf and we will invoice you for this service. Domain invoices are due on receipt. Domain fees not paid within 10 days will result in DNS service (domain service) being interrupted, which means your website and email will not work.

WEB DEVELOPMENT FEES: iBest.net, LLC requires a down payment for website construction for new clients and may charge a fee for existing clients depending on the project scope and/or payment history. The balance will be due and payable before the website goes live. The completion date of the site is when the client accepts the site as complete.

OTHER CHARGES: Unless otherwise noted or pre-arranged, invoices for other services are due upon receipt.

LATE FEES AND SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS: A Late Fee of 1.5 per month ($1.50 minimum) will be added for accounts not paid within 10 days. If you cannot pay your bill, please contact us and make arrangements. We are glad to work out a payment plan with you. You'll avoid disconnection and late fees. At 30 late, iBest will suspend all services associated with the account including email. To be reinstated, the entire past due amount and any incurred fees plus a $75 reconnection fee must be paid. iBest.net will not assist in moving domains or services for accounts that are in arrears. Accounts 60 days overdue will be deleted from our server and turned over for collection. In the event of collection, the client will be liable for costs of collection including attorney's fees, court costs, collection agency fees and internal costs of collection.

All credit card charges will be displayed on your card statements in the name of SQUARE*iBest.net. Paypal will be displayed as Paypal*iBest.net, LLC. By paying with a credit card, you understand this and will not dispute any charge from us just for the reason that you don't recognize the name.

Chargebacks initiated by the client without valid cause will incur a $50 handling fee unless the card company deems the chargeback to be appropriate. Failure to recognize the name on the charge is not a valid reason to dispute the charge. Chargebacks by their very nature take a long time and are expensive for us to handle. We are charged a fee for chargebacks.

RETURNED CHECKS: If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, closed account, stop payment or any other reason other than a clerical error on our part, we will seek remedy according to the laws of the state of North Carolina. Pursuant to NC General Statute 25-3-506, and not withstanding any applicable criminal sanctions, you will pay in cash to the payee within 30 days following written demand therefor, (i) for the amount owing on the check, (ii) the service charges and processing fees incurred by the payee and (iii) additional damages of three times the amount owing on the check, not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00) or to be less than one hundred dollars ($100.00).

This policy is effective 21-April-2014 and is subject to change without notice. Please check this page from time to time for policy changes. The iBest.net tax id is 26-1189460.